Welcome to the School Section

The school is a happy and caring community, where every effort is made to promote the spiritual and moral development of the children. We foster a close link here with every family and operate a policy of responding to problems or difficulties through discussion with parents. Our aim is to create an environment and atmosphere whereby pupils may grow, develop and mature into confident individuals who are aware of the welfare of
others and who are responsible members of society, as well as offering an education of the highest possible quality that reflects the requirements of the Authority, society and the individual.

At Ysgol Abererch, we aim to provide opportunities for children to widen their interests and become aware of the surrounding world. This will enable them to develop into
dependable, confident and whole individuals. We endeavour to sustain a happy
environment that nurtures lively, enthusiastic and inquisitive children who not only have confidence in their own ability but who also realize the importance of being considerate to those around them.

The progress of the children’s educational development is closely monitored in order to able to provide additional support and encouragement when required. We believe that children learn best when the home and school work together to their advantage.
Education is a partnership between the school and parents for the benefit of our
children. Your influence and support are invaluable to your child’s social and educational development. The staff look forward to working with you.

The handbook does not claim to be all-encompassing, and it is possible that unforeseen changes may take place. It is intended as guidance only, and you are encouraged to
discuss its content, or anything that you feel has not been included, with the Head Teacher who would be more than willing to do so provided an arrangement to visit the school has been made in advance. We encourage parents of prospective pupils to visit our school.

Yours sincerely,
Annwen Hughes